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Get to know six comedians who are staging a stand-up laugh riot. Killjoy Comedy puts the mic in front of comics who are re-writing the old insult comedy playbook. Watch a sneak peek of Joanne’s jokes here!

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Joanne Tsung (she/her) was born in Taichung, Taiwan and immigrated to Vancouver in the late 90s with her mom, dad and two older brothers. She majored in English Literature and Gender Studies at the University of Victoria. In 2018, she found solace and community in writing comedy and has done stand up in Vancouver, Toronto and in Manitoba along with co-hosting Burnaby Pride 2021 and 2022 with Canadian Comedian Sasha Mark. She has been featured on CBC Vancouver, CBC Pride, OutTV and just finished filming specials for Killjoy Comedy with OutTV and YVR Funny Season 2 with Storyhive.

Joanne identifies as a neurodivergent queer woman of colour who is also a chef with no recipes, a self-proclaimed tattoo enthusiast, and a parent to a 10 year old miniature pinscher mix named Bailey (originally from Philly).

She has written for photo journals, zines, recipe books, queer glossaries, editorials and has appeared on various podcasts wearing a full face of makeup before she realized it’s audio only.

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Video from Killjoy Comedy
Video from Killjoy Comedy


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